Friday, June 21, 2013

Battle of the face scrubs

It's no secret that I love a scrub. Whether it's for your toes, hands, body or face I am a sucker for a new scrub. Although my absolute favourite is definitely a facial exfoliator, nothing beats the feeling of having bright skin which can only be achieved by scrubbing! I have quite a hefty collection of exfoliating scrubs (much like my obsession for blusher, it cannot be curbed!) which I use regularly. However I have decided to cut it down to my top 5 (it was tough!) and present you with my most loved exfoliating products. 

My first product is one I have blogged about before (cheeky, i know) but I absolutely love it! Vichy Normaderm 3-in-1 is a face mask, cleanser and a scrub. I use it first and foremost as a scrub and i am never disappointed. It has quite a powerful effect on my skin and makes my pores feel really clean. However it has no soap or nasty ingredients which makes it ideal for spot prone skin. I can use this product twice a day if my skin is going through a bad stage and it doesn't make it feel stripped, just clean. This is a product I've repurchased 2 or 3 times, and it always crops back up if I'm having a bad skin week. 

My next scrub is a Soap & Glory exfoliator, aptly named The Greatest scrub of all. I've only become a fan of Soap & Glory the past year or so and I tend to stick to their body scrubs but this product is definitely worth a purchase. This is designed for all skin types, which means it's a good idea to vary how often you use it. I've found through trial and error that I am best to stick to 2-3 times a week, and I tend to use it only in the evenings. This has a slightly grainier texture than other scrubs, which means it makes my skin feel less hydrated. I tend to avoid depending on it to make my skin feel bright, and use it combined with my overnight face cream. I really like the little 'spheres' of texture in this product that seem to pop as you scrub it into your skin and the smell is gorgeous. 

The next two scrubs are some high street gems I've picked up on my last couple of hauls. The first is a Superdrug special, from their Vitamin E collection. Out of all the scrubs I use this has the creamiest texture, with quite large, soft grains in it. It looks a bit like porridge (appealing i know) but smells delicious, and it glides onto the skin beautifully. You don't need a lot of this scrub and it tends to melt into the skin due to it's thick texture. I don't have particularly dry skin, so I only use this product when my skin needs a little t.l.c. and it feels very luxurious.

 My second high street bargain is from Boots Botanics 'All Bright' range. This purifying face scrub promises to 'buff away impurities' and i would say they're pretty spot on! This scrub also has a very thick texture, and looks more like a moisturising face wash than a scrub. The particles in this product aren't very large so it can be used in the morning as an everyday wash. Because this scrub doesn't feel as deep cleansing as the other scrubs I tend to use this when my skin is in good nick and It provides just enough to make my skin feel brighter.

My last scrub is another repeat, but one I have repurchased a few times. Probably top of my list and one that will hold a firm place in my bathroom, Rituals brightening face exfoliator. I cannot rave enough about how good this scrub is for my skin. It's powerful enough to leave me feeling as though all my impurities have been washed away, without making my skin irritated. The texture is perfect, not too creamy and not too grainy. For anyone wanting to try out a scrub for the first time, this is the one I would recommend  Perfect for skin scrubbing pioneers everywhere!

Soap and Glory The Greatest scrub of all - £9
Vitamin E Exfoliating facial scrub - £2.99
Botanics 'All Bright' purifiying face scrub - £3.99