Sunday, February 1, 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I love mascara and I love Benefit, so when I saw that Elle were including a sample of the soon to be launched Roller Lash Mascara with their March addition, I pretty much sprinted to buy a copy. And it seems as I have to wait until March for this to be released, I'll be stocking up on copies of Elle until then to curb my cravings...

Benefits Roller Lash mascara is designed to curl and lift lashes, rather than just providing length. Think of it as a hybrid of a eyelash curler and mascara, you're simply cutting out the middle man. It's modeled on the idea of a hair roller (hence all the super cute marketing with rollers!) and it 'hooks 'n' rolls', which results in super soft, curly lashes.

The brush is shaped slightly differently to a normal mascara brush, and it's also smaller so it can get to those pesky edge lashes. When I used it I really felt the curve of the brush rolling my eyelashes into a curl. And although I'm lucky enough not to have particularly straight lashes, I definitely noticed a difference. My eyes looked brighter and more open. 

Volume wise, I would say it provides a good amount of volume. It's a great option for a daytime mascara. The lightweight formula means it isn't too OTT for an everyday product, but it can be layered on for a more dramatic evening look. It also does a solid job of separating the lashes, avoiding the clumpy, spiders legs look (which is never ideal). It stands the test of time without flaking and doesn't smudge.
(Top - Before application. Below - After one application of Roller Lash)

So, Benefit have done it again. I'm completely hooked (no pun intended) and I'll definitely be snapping this up when it's released in March.