Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June favourites

I've been quite absent from my blog over the last few months, but that doesn't mean I haven't been buying copious amounts of new products to try! June has felt very busy, and this combined with the unpredictable weather (sunny one minute, downpours the next) has meant my make up has needed to be simple and guranteed to stay in place. After all, rain lines in your foundation is definitely not a good look.

I'm going to start with one product I've been trialing for a little while now, which has quickly become a staple in my morning routine. Origins Never a dull moment face cleanser is a product highly regarded and raved about by various blogs I follow and I decided to take the plunge and try it out. It promises to brighten skin whilst leaving skin feeling sleek, and it definitely delivers in both these areas. As an individual who suffers with relatively bad skin, which can flare up overnight, I have been really impressed with the effect this product has had. Not only has it helped my skin to stay clear (or at least clearer than usual!) it's also prevented it becoming as oily during the day. I'm always on the lookout for products that promise to brighten my complexion and using this cleanser in the morning gives me a very noticeable morning glow. I also love the texture of this face cleanser, as it's very thick and really feels as though it's doing a thorough job to clear away any impurities. Unfortunately the only thing I dislike about this is the smell. Personally I find it more overpowering than refreshing, but it's easy to live with the pong once you start to feel and see the effects of this fantastic product.

As well as shaking up my morning routine, I have also been testing out some new night creams. As I leave my early 20's and enter into my mid 20's (24 is fast approaching...) I find myself becoming increasingly paranoid about getting wrinkles. Because of this I've been trying to be strict with my moisturising routine, and despite my tiredness I try to moisturise every evening. Through my search for a good overnight cream I have stumbled across a little gem from Superdrug, Vitamin E nourishing night cream. This little cracker is not only ridiculously good value for money, It also smells delicious and makes my skin feel extremely soft. It promises to nourish and moustrise skin, helping you to look beautiful as soon as you wake up. This is perfect for anyone who suffers with dry patches on their skin as it has a very thick texture, and it provides moisture without feeling greasy.

In keeping with the recent effort I've been making with my skincare routine this month I have also been trying to put a minimal amount of make up on my face. I try to maintain a very natural face during the week and use very light coverage. In my attempt to put less on my face I have been mixing my own concoctions by using Beautiful movements Prime and create. This primer acts as a mixing medium which can be combined with powders or liquids in order to create a good make up base. I absolutely love this product and have been using it with a range of CC creams and foundations. It mixes flawlessly with a range of liquids and provides a beautiful finish. It also means there's only one layer, saving time on application!

Alongside this I have been using a Benefit classic, Some kind-a gorgeous liquid compact. This is described as a 'foundation faker' and can be used as an all over base, or as I prefer a quick fix for awkward blemishes. This is an old favourite that crops up every now and again and I cannot fault it. It does exactly as it says on the tin - provides a very swift cover without making you look oily or blotchy. I carry this around in my daily make up bag so it's always on hand for a quick cover up!

My last June favourite is a blusher (surprise surprise!) which was a complete impulse buy but has since become my everyday staple. The MUA Mosaic blush  is my first purchase from the Makeup Academy and I've been really impressed with the results it has delivered. The compact is Shade 3, a collage of browns, pinks and lilacs, which is swirled on application to give a very light English rose flush to the complexion. The texture of this blusher is very light and has a slight iridescent finish, which I really favour in a blusher. This product is very subtle and definitely a welcomed addition to my ever growing blusher collection!

What are your must have products for the fast approaching summer months?