Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring skincare saviours

As much as I love make up I've recently been swaying more towards the skincare aisles in Boots. The best make up primer in the world is hydrated skin, and in the run up to summer I've been making a huge effort to look after mine. Being consistent is the key, but it helps if you have products that suit your skin. Here are a round up of my current favourites. 

Origins GinZing refreshing scrub cleanser. This is one of my favourite products ever. A fancy hybrid of a face wash and a scrub, effective enough to unclog pores but gentle enough to use daily. This cleanser has a whole range of wonderful extracts including jojaba, grapefruit, spearmint and lemon, making it a perfect wake up call in the morning. It always leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh and it's played a huge part in clearing up my spot prone skin. Top of the skincare list!

Botanics All bright cleansing foam wash. I'm a big fan of Botanics, I think the whole range offers great value for money. This face wash is ideal to use with a clarisonic or similar cleansing device as it really foams up quickly. It's gentle on the skin and it doesn't leave skin feeling dry. I suffer with dry patches on my forehead, which harsher face washes can cause to flair up. However being soap free means this face wash is unlikely to cause any skin issues. 

REN Flash rinse 1 minute facial. I was a little apprehensive to try this as I'd heard from friends it could be a little abrasive on sensitive skin. However I was pleasantly surprised and it's very quickly become part of my regular skincare routine. I tend to use this every 3 or 4 days as a pick-me-up for tired or dull skin. It's got a wonderfully fresh orange scent, which tends to linger for some time after use. It has the same effect as a facial, leaving skin bright and glowing. This is an amazing product if you have a special occasion coming up and skin is looking a little blergh. The price may be a little more than I would usually pay for skincare, but it is well worth investing. 

REN Gentle cleansing milk. I've tried cleansing milks before and always been sorely disappointed. In some cases my skin has even completely rejected and reacted to them. However this is a different story. This cleansing milk really hydrates my skin, helping to avoid any dry patches. It's a perfect product for the cross over to spring, keeping skin balanced. 

Bioderma Micellar Water. I love Bioderma. I think I may be a little bit obsessed? The first time I went to Paris I picked up a few bottles, which I coveted for nearly a year. When I returned I purchased another four and I am very steadily making my way through them. I can honestly say that no other micellar water comes close to this. It's alcohol free so it doesn't leave skin feeling tight, but it gets rid of every trace of make up. If I'm feeling lazy (ahem) I can easily use this and nothing else, yet it will still feel like I've cleansed and toned too. Beaut.

Body Shop Camomile silky cleansing oil & cleansing balm. I love both of these products in equal measure, and as they're so similar I'm slotting them in as one product. I've always been wary of oils, and although I've dabbled I've never reaped the benefits. Enter The body shop camomile silky cleansing oil. If you suffer from dry, combination or oily skin this product is for you. I was always concerned an oil would make my skin feel awful, in fact it's the complete opposite. I normally use this product in the evening once I've removed my make up, although it can be used to remove the make up too. It's really gentle on the skin, and it gives the skin a really deep cleanse. My only gripe is the packaging - the pump is slightly and the balm requires you to dig around in the pot. However for such a good price, I can't really gripe too much.

What are you skincare saviours for the spring?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

I love mascara and I love Benefit, so when I saw that Elle were including a sample of the soon to be launched Roller Lash Mascara with their March addition, I pretty much sprinted to buy a copy. And it seems as I have to wait until March for this to be released, I'll be stocking up on copies of Elle until then to curb my cravings...

Benefits Roller Lash mascara is designed to curl and lift lashes, rather than just providing length. Think of it as a hybrid of a eyelash curler and mascara, you're simply cutting out the middle man. It's modeled on the idea of a hair roller (hence all the super cute marketing with rollers!) and it 'hooks 'n' rolls', which results in super soft, curly lashes.

The brush is shaped slightly differently to a normal mascara brush, and it's also smaller so it can get to those pesky edge lashes. When I used it I really felt the curve of the brush rolling my eyelashes into a curl. And although I'm lucky enough not to have particularly straight lashes, I definitely noticed a difference. My eyes looked brighter and more open. 

Volume wise, I would say it provides a good amount of volume. It's a great option for a daytime mascara. The lightweight formula means it isn't too OTT for an everyday product, but it can be layered on for a more dramatic evening look. It also does a solid job of separating the lashes, avoiding the clumpy, spiders legs look (which is never ideal). It stands the test of time without flaking and doesn't smudge.
(Top - Before application. Below - After one application of Roller Lash)

So, Benefit have done it again. I'm completely hooked (no pun intended) and I'll definitely be snapping this up when it's released in March.