Sunday, October 6, 2013

September favourites

September has come and gone, and Autumn is officially upon us! Personally September has been a pretty crummy month for me with lots of stress and spots, and I am very excited about October starting. This awful inbetween-y weather is seriously irritating! As with any other month I have discovered some extra special new products to share with you, so here are my September favourites.

My first two are skincare saviours that have been staples through my September skincare routine. I have been plagued by spots this month due to a stressful month at work, and these two products have helped me through it step by step! My first is The Body shop's Blackhead exfoliating wash, designed to help unclog pores for clearer looking skin. Personally I don't have a problem with clogged pores, but I do have a lot of trouble with dull skin and I've found this to be an instant solution to a tired looking complexion. The main ingredient in this scrub is Tea tree, which is a warrior against spots and when combined with the gritty texture of this face wash an absolute lifesaver. I've been using this wash twice a day and I've definitely noticed my blemishes have been less angry and my complexion generally clearer. I reckon this scrub may have made it into my top 5! Alongside this I've been dipping into Herbalism, a solid cleanser from cult skincare experts Lush. This is designed for troubled, greasy or spotty skin and contains a whole range of organic ingredients designed to help combat these problems. I've been using this in the evenings after scrubbing and it's helped to calm my tired skin before bedtime. It has a very thick texture which you mix with a small amount of water to make a paste. The result is a cross between a face mask and a cleanser, helping to brighten and tighten the skin. The smell is slightly strong (a little bit like sticking your face into a tub of herbs) but the result makes up for it.

Next up is the most recent addition to my nail varnish collection. I am a big fan of Essie polish and I was really excited about their new Fall collection, so when i saw boots had an offer on and Essie was involved I umm'd and ahh'd over all their new colours before settling on this one. After school boy blazer is a dark blue-black colour which goes perfectly with pretty much everything. I went for this colour as I thought it was slightly more exciting than a plain black but still had an Autumn-y feel about it. I really like the finish of this lacquer, it's glossy, shiny and applies really nicely (even if you're cheating and don't use a base coat...not that I ever do that). A worthwhile investment. 

The penultimate product is one I've been coveting for some time but it's been an absolute saviour in the cold weather. It's a lip balm from a company I absolute adore Figs & Rouge and the latest balm tops them all! Coco Rose multi-purpose lip balm smells beautiful, applies wonderfully and keeps lips silky smooth. Everything from the packaging to the subtle pink shimmery tone this balm has is fantastic, and It's definitely worth picking up a tube of this. I've had mine for a few months and It's still going strong! 

Last but not least is a new addition to the make up bag that i mentioned in my first video blog. Browzings by Benefit is a eyebrow shaping kit that comes in the form of a wax and powder, rather than a pencil or crayon. Firstly I would like to point out it is a lot less scary than it sounds! It comes with two brushes; a slanted angle brush and a blending blush. The angle brush is used to apply the brown wax, which is very thick but not sticky. It applies easily to the eyebrow and is invisible once it's there. It acts a little bit like a primer, helping to create a canvas for the powder. The powder is the step I was most scared about as i had visions of the powder sprinkling on my face and clothes but this was not the case. You only need a little bit of powder to fill in the gaps and the finished effect is a very defined brow without looking clumpy. I like a little bit of an arch to my eyebrow which can be hard to achieve with a pencil, but the intricate brushes allow you to be very detailed. This is a definite must for anyone who likes a groomed brow!

What are your must have products from September?

Lush Herbalism - £6.35
Essie After school boy blazer - £7.99
Figs & Rouge Coco Rose multi-purpose lip balm - £4.95
Benefit Browzings - £23.50