Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Milk_shake conditioning whipped cream

When it comes to hair care I am very lazy and if the choice is an extra 15 minutes in bed or a session with the curling tongs I'll choose bed every time. Because of this my morning hair routine is military, which means i stick to the same faithful products that i know won't let me down! However last month i discovered a completely new product which i decided to take for a whirl and I am officially addicted.  

Milkshake conditioning whipped cream is a product in a huge range that aims to be healthy food for your hair. The products contain milk protein (hence the name) and the desired effect is to help give your hair a healthy boost leaving it soft and shiny, which this product definitely does. The first thing that hits you about this product is the smell, it is absolutely heavenly! This smell lasts all day and has certainly resulted in me receiving a lot of compliments. Surprisingly this conditioning cream comes in the form of a moose, which i must admit i was slightly dubious about. Having used moose before and been left with crispy, wet-look locks i was concerned this would result in me looking (and smelling) like i'd dipped my hair in candyfloss. However the texture is so light it soaks right into the hair leaving nothing but a whiff of milkshake behind it. I found the end result of this product to be fantastic, leaving me with extremely soft hair which seemed to be easier to style. I also discovered this product to be a excellent way of adding texture to my hair. My hair isn't flyaway but it's not as thick as it once was, and a little bit of this moose helps to boost it straight from the roots giving a much fuller effect. This product is definitely a firm favourite and something that will be staying in my morning hair routine. I also like the look of the other Milkshake hair products, which would you try first? 


  1. Emily-Rose Marshall is looks like Some Great Stuff.
    Thank You for posting it I will have to Buy it!X

  2. This is such a cool product. I've never seen it before but maybe I'll buy it after this now! Haha. Would love it if you could check out my blog and if you like it then please follow...


    Chloe xx

    1. It is such a great product :) thanks for reading. I am now following you, feel free to do the same! Look forward to reading some more posts