Sunday, March 3, 2013

February favourites

As February has drawn to a close and we're finally getting some warm(ish) weather I have decided to write about my most reached for products this month.This has been a big month for new products (sorry bank balance) and some new firm favourites have been established. 

I'm going to start with my most used product which has without a doubt been Rituals brightening face exfoliator. Anyone who's been around me in the last month will have heard me rave about Rituals and they are definitely my favourite skincare brand at the moment. As someone who suffers with blemishes and rough skin, exfoliating is really important. However i often find that exfoliators can be quite harsh, and leave me feeling like i've washed my face with a scouring pad. Rituals have put a stop to this with their creamy exfoliating scrub which leaves my skin feeling soft and looking bright. It's really gentle, so perfect for people with sensitive skin and can be used everyday if needed. I've teamed this with Rituals intensive moisturising mask, which i've been using twice a week. This winter has left me with really dry skin so it's needed rescuing and this face mask has helped to hydrate my skin, leaving it really supple. 

I've teamed my Rituals products with Clarins Toning lotion which has quickly become a staple in my beauty routine. This toner is absolutely gorgeous and does exactly what it says on the bottle! I'm always wary of toners as sometimes they can make your skin feel tight, however this toning lotion leaves skin feeling fresh without sucking all the moisture out. This is perfect for oily skin as it leaves moisture where it needs to be whilst cleansing away excess oils. It may seem steep at £18.00 but it's worth every penny, and a little bit definitely goes a long way. 

Now on to lips! I've only started using lipstick in the last year and this has meant i've started to take better care of my lips. Every girl knows that exfoliating your lips can be a chore, but Lush have found a way to take the effort out of having beautifully soft lips. Lush popcorn lip scrub is a scrummy exfoliant for lips that can be applied before using other lip products. Simply take a small amount, gently work into lips, lick away the excess and ta-dah! I really enjoy using this as i like the result and the taste. I have found some people that dislike the taste and find it too sweet, but if this is the case it's easy enough to wipe away the excess using a cotton pad. I would recommend using a mirror to apply this, as you can end up looking like you have sugar around your mouth!

My most used lipstick this month has been MAC Cremesheen in Coral Bliss . This has shot straight to the top of my most used lipsticks with no competition  It's a beautiful light coral which looks almost pink. I've found this lipstick to be quite subtle, so perfect for everyday use. It has a really rich, thick texture so it lasts without fading and easily glides onto lips. I find with cheaper lipsticks that they can show up every imperfection on your lips, unlike the MAC cremesheen which gives a very glossy finish. I'm definitely going to be trying out more of the colours in this collection.

My last face favourite this month is another MAC product (my obsession is definitely growing) but this time it's a blusher (surprise surprise!) The MAC mineralize blush in Dainty is a pretty pink with a slight shimmer. Shimmer is something i normally steer clear of, for fear i may look like i've been covered in glitter. However the shimmer in this blusher is so subtle it simply deepens the pink tone, giving a really healthy glow to cheeks. It blends well with foundation without looking too heavy, making it perfect for an everyday look.I love this blusher because it is so pigmented it lasts all day without needing to be reapplied, definitely a plus when you're working without breaks all day!

Last but not least is a Nail Varnish which i've been waiting for quite a while to try. Essie Nail varnish has a great reputation and has recently been launched in retail stores such as Boots and Superdrug in the U.K. It's taken off with a bang and i can definitely see why. I tried it in Guchi Muchi Puchi, a bright pink perfect for the spring and it lived up to my expectations! It was really easy to apply, and only needed two layers to give great coverage. The colour is gorgeous although i found it to be slightly too pink for an everyday varnish (i had some clashing outfits!) I was quite disappointed with it's lasting power as i needed to re-apply after about 3 days because it was really chipped. However the varnish was easy to take off and once re-applied dried really quickly. I would definitely use Essie again as their colours are beautiful, although i may go for something slightly less pink next time!

What have your beauty favourites been this month?

MAC Cremesheen in Coral Bliss  - £14
MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty - £19
Essie Nail varnish in Guchi Muchi Puchi - £7.99

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