Thursday, May 30, 2013

May favourites

Okay, so I've been a little bit rubbish for the last month (and a half...) and for that i apologise. But I am back (ta-dah!) and i have a lovely lot of beauty bits that I've fallen for this month. It's a bit of a varied bag but it's all fantastic stuff. 

I'm going to start with a few hair treats that I've been using religiously this month. My hair seems to present me with a constant battle in day to day life. Either it's too long or too short (normally the latter) or it looks too fluffy, or it just falls completely flat and looks useless. Enter BIG; Lush's answer for all hair disasters. This shampoo has been my go-to for weeks now, and i cannot recommend it enough! Its main component is sea salt, which adds amazing volume to your hair without drying it out. I'm always wary of using products that claim to add 'volume' as I often end up looking like I've been dragged through a bush backwards. However this shampoo adds texture and shine as well as making my hair look like it's been styled without me putting any work in at all! Its pretty pricey at £11.25 for a tub but as you only need a pea sized amount to wash your hair with it's lasting me 3 times as long as a normal shampoo would. I'm certainly going to be using this shampoo all summer to achieve that effortless beach hair. 

Alongside this i have been using a texturising spray from VO5. Give me texture is a spray that is used on dry hair, either as an accompaniment to styling or as a lazy way out of doing anything. I often use this spray as a 'pick me up' when my hair isn't freshly washed. Another product that uses sea salt it seems to lift straight from the roots and make my hair look alive as apposed to a limp dish cloth. It also has a delicious smell which makes me feel like i'm on holiday, a fantastic bonus! 

With my budget for make up being slightly tighter this month I have rediscovered a few old favourites that have quickly been bought to the top of my make up bag. The first is Benefits Hello flawless foundation. Over Christmas this was a product that i lived in but it somehow got overlooked through the spring (possibly due to the BB/CC cream craze...) On rediscovering i soon remembered why i loved this foundation so much. Firstly it is so light and feels incredibly clean. It reminds me of a tinted moisturiser as it's very illuminating and offers a very light coverage. It's also oil free, so it lets skin breathe and doesn't make it feel greasy (hurrah!) or look shiny. As an alternative to a BB or CC cream i would use this as a summer foundation.

The never ending quest for the perfect blusher has led to another blush purchase this month (sorry bank balance). This time it's another great product from high street chain 'Me me me', The blush box! Since buying their llluminator (See blog post here) i have been keen to buy another of their items and this seemed the perfect choice. I went for pink as it was unlike anything i had in my collection and it was pleasantly surprised how much i liked it. The pink is very sweet and bright but not too sickly that it makes you look like a china doll. The consistency is relatively good but not fantastic, it's very powdery which means it can be easy to go over the top and apply too much but a good blusher brush puts an end to this. It comes with its own small application brush which i have avoided as it has a very flat edge which makes for a harsh finish. However the colour is gorgeous and as it has a slight shimmer, it gives a very pretty finish. 

My last face treat this month is a mascara from L'oreal. It was a few months ago that i purchased the  L'oreal Telescopic mascara (See blog post here) and i decided it was time to treat myself to another. This time I went for Falsh lash flutter as it was recommended by a fellow cosmetics obsessive (Hello Claire!) and i have not been disappointed  I've only had a chance to use this a few times as it's a very recent purchase however i have been really impressed with the results. The brush isn't too chunky which means i don't end up with massive clumps yet the formula seems to be quite thick which gives my lashes some life, making me look bright eyed and bushy tailed! I don't use any other eye make up so i need mascara to frame my eyes and this definitely does the trick. 

My last beauty find is a nail varnish to add to my ever growing collection! This is my first Bourjois nail varnish purchase and it is definitely one i would make again. I went for the So Laque Glossy in Adora-Bleu which is a beautiful shade, slightly darker than a pastel but perfect for the summer. I love the glossiness of this varnish and it reminds me of a less dense version of the Barry M Gelly varnish. It's very quick to apply as it only requires one layer to give a decent colour and i found it lasts for several days before chipping. This is definitely one i would repurchase in a range of colours. 

So there are my May favourites. What have you been using this month?

Lush BIG shampoo - £11.25

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