Monday, April 28, 2014

April Favourites

This months list is short but sweet. I've been trying to cut down on spending this month (I've not done particularly well...) which makes this list extra special as these are the bits that slipped through the net. 

First up is my top pick of the month and a product I've already raved about, La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+]. You can read the full review here but in a nutshell this is a serum that reduces the appearance of blemishes and scars, evens the skin tone and makes the skin look much brighter. I find my skin is much clearer when I use this regularly, and it feels much smoother. Worth the investment!

Next up a basic, but an essential for every girl. Garnier fresh eye make up remover is my go-to product at the moment. I'm trying to avoid make up wipes as I find they dry my skin out and they don't quite do the job of removing every trace of my mascara. This is a simple, gentle make up remover that wipes away every trace of mascara without needing to scrub your eyes. Most importantly this product isn't oily and is suitable for those with sensitive eyes. I also like that this is in a purple bottle, although I know this doesn't improve it's effectiveness and just makes it look prettier on my dressing table. 

My next product is a simple, no fuss body wash. As silly as it may sound it can be difficult to find a body wash that isn't overpoweringly scented, but still provides a creamy lather. Dove bodywash revive  ticks these boxes. It is lightly perfumed with pomegranate and has a lovely thick texture. You only need a smidgen for it to lather up, so a little goes a long way! This product claims to refine and soften skin within 7 days, and although I've not noticed any miraculous difference I could certainly miss a day moisturising and my skin wouldn't dry out. 

This month I treated myself to some new nail varnish and my favourite of the bunch was from Essie's Spring collection. I deliberated long and hard over the beautiful array of colours and finally settled on Truth or Flare. This is a beautiful blue hue with hints of green when applied to the nails. The first thought when i applied this was how grown up it made my hands look! For anyone who wants to move away from sickly sweet pastel hues (as much as we love them, it's nice to have a change) this whole collection is ideal. 

Last is an old classic which I have currently revived. As much as I love lipstick, sometimes only a gloss will do, and for those times I find this is ideal. Dior ultra gloss plumping volume is a high quality gloss that not only provides great shine but also aims to add volume to the appearance of the lips. The substance has ingredients in which make the lips seem fuller and plumper, which combined with the gloss provides a great finish. The gloss comes in a variety of colours and there are nude tones as well as bright pops of colour which means everyone can find something to suit their style.

Essie Truth or Flare - £7.99

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  1. Lovely favourites! The La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + has been a favourite of mine for a while now too, it's probably the best skincare product I've come across for keeping my skin clear. I could definitely never be without it. I'd like to give the Garnier eye make-up remover a try, as I've been using the Garnier micellar water for removing my make-up and I absolutely love it, so I'm sure I would love this too. The Dior Ultra Gloss Pumping Volume is also on my list of things to try, it sounds amazing! Great post :) x

    Rachael |