Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer hair favourites

Summer can reek havoc with your hair. Sun, chlorine, sea salt, sand and unexpected rain showers can all contribute to your hair going a little bit crazy. Here are the products I am currently using to keep that summer frizz at bay.

Aussie Mega shampoo and conditioner are my current favourite combo. They smell amazing, don't cling to the hair and leave it sleek and smooth. I struggle to find shampoos that don't build up in my hair, and this seems to eliminate the problem. I have very looooong hair and this cleans it thoroughly, leaving my ends nice and nourished. I've also found since using this pair I can go 3 or 4 days without washing (if I'm feeling lazy!) and my hair still looks really clean and fresh.

I've been experimenting with some hair oils this summer, something I've steered clear of in the past. I've always worried that oil would make my hair feel and look a little greasy, but with a little care and attention I've managed to avoid this happening. OGX Moroccan Argan Oil is my top pick of the oils. Putting a little on my hair when it's damp helps to nourish and leave my hair with a great shine. It also seems to protect my hair from the drying/straightening/backcombing that I put it through! I've been putting a little of this on the ends of my hair to get rid of any stray hairs in between washes, however I have avoided putting this on my roots as it can result in hair looking a little too shiny...

For those really hot, humid days I've been reaching for OGX coconut oil mist. Coconut oil in any shape or form is great for your hair, but I like this as it has a spray top so It's easy to get the right amount on. When on holiday I was spraying this on my hair before I stepped into the sun and I found my hair soaked it up and appeared much more hydrated. This product also prevents the hair from breaking, meaning less split ends! I love how silky my hair feels after using this spray.

The current craze in the blogging world seems to be salt spray. I have used a few salt sprays, but the best one I've found (without spending a small fortune - I'm looking at you Bumble & Bumble!) is Charles Worthington style setter salt spray. This doesn't dry out my hair or leave it matted, as some salt sprays can. I use this when I don't want to curl or straighten my hair, as it sets my hair into beautiful, natural waves. It can take a little shine away from the hair, but this can be easily counteracted with an oil. For backcombing fans such as myself it takes some of the work out of achieving voluminous hair!

Another hair cheat I've been using is Charles Worthington volume and bounce texturisnng spray. I initially purchased this as I it was highlighted as a dupe of the Ombre texturising spray. Personally I love it and think it helps my hair to appear much bouncier and give it a little more oomph. It smells great and doesn't leave my hair looking or feeling sticky. The only disadvantage is it needs quite a lot of hairspray to hold its effects in place. 

So there's my round up of top hair products. What do you use to keep that hair frizz in check?

Aussie Mega shampoo and conditioner - £4.69 - £5.99 (often on offer in supermarkets so keep an eye out!)

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