Thursday, August 14, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

In December I purchased Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation. After numerous trips to the YSL beauty counter and reading a plethora of blog reviews I decided to take the plunge and part with £30 (gulp) in exchange for the beautiful glass bottle. I've waited this long to blog because I really wanted to be able to give a honest, all round review of it. And without sounding silly I think i may be a little bit in love. 

The packaging is really sleek and looks beautiful. Not particularly practical for taking away with you as it is quite heavy, but ideal for sitting on your dressing table. The pump is great and gives out just the right amount. 

The formula of this foundation is fantastic, and it offers a very good coverage without clogging the skin. I find this is ideal for my spot prone skin as the light texture allows my skin to breath. There are a good range of shades available, which makes matching to your skin tone easy. 

The foundation offers a medium coverage, but can be layered depending on the amount of coverage you need. I found that this foundation covered up all of my blemishes flawlessly and provided me with a very even skin tone. This can feel quite wet when you first apply, and I have found the best way to buff into my skin is with a blending sponge. But the finished look is illuminated, dewy skin. 

Seasonal advantages
I started using this foundation in the winter, and have taken it right through Spring and Summer. I've found that this foundation caters for all the seasons! Because it can be layered it lends itself to being heavier in the winter, and a lighter sheen in the summer. It allows the skin to breath and prevents it from becoming shiny or oily in the warmer weather. It also has great lasting power and I find I can go all day without reapplying.

No primer or concealer, one layer of YSL

So is it worth the rather large price tag? In a word, yes. This product not only offers long lasting coverage, but it illuminates the skin, giving a really flawless and dewy finish. It covers blemishes seamlessly and can be used without primer or concealer. I'm on my second bottle and I have no doubt I'll be taking another trip to the YSL counter soon.

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